Royal Free London Joins National PET Imaging Platform as Collaborative Partner

January 22, 2024

Building a community of excellence The National PET Imaging Platform (NPIP) is delighted to welcome the Royal Free London as...

Building a community of excellence

The National PET Imaging Platform (NPIP) is delighted to welcome the Royal Free London as a collaborative partner in bringing revolutionary total-body PET capabilities to the UK.

Launched in October 2023, NPIP is the UK’s first-of-its-kind national total-body PET platform for drug discovery. Funded through a £32m investment from the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Infrastructure Fund, the platform supports a growing network of researchers who will benefit from access to state-of-the-art total-body PET infrastructure, clinical intelligence and connectivity with clinicians, academics and industry to accelerate their work. 

As a collaborative partner to NPIP’s national network, the Royal Free London will conduct clinical and research work that can be shared with the network, contributing towards the connection of insights from many research programmes and trials. Through collaboration, NPIP will begin to build a rich bank of data that the PET community can leverage. It will accelerate discoveries, leading to more advances for UK researchers and better outcomes for patients, improving the calibre of healthcare now and in the long term. 

Peter Landstrom, Chief Executive of the Royal Free London, said:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with NPIP. This new collaboration will support us in delivering the very best treatments for our patients. It will also allow us to develop new imaging protocols, and will facilitate research, leading to new and better treatments for our patients and the wider UK population. Ultimately, this partnership will help the trust deliver the best care for patients while opening up new research opportunities.” 

Dr Juliana Maynard, Director of Operations and Engagement for the National PET Imaging Platform and Head of Translational Imaging at Medicines Discovery Catapult, said:

“We are thrilled to start 2024 with this exciting announcement welcoming the Royal Free London to our total-body PET platform. NPIP is a collaboration platform that enables everyone working in medical research and drug discovery to innovate across boundaries, with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for patients. Welcoming the Royal Free London to the platform means further high-quality data is being generated for the benefit of our research community, who will use it to unlock innovative discoveries.” 

NPIP invites UK researchers to join its community to accelerate their programmes and discoveries. Click here to find out more. 

The National PET Imaging Platform is funded through the UKRI Infrastructure Fund. 



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